About Manybrush

Many Brush Co., Ltd. established in the year 2017, owns 10,000 SQM factory areas, 60 employees among them there are 10 management 8 technicians. We are located in Anhui province, the east of China, only 4 hours far from Shanghai.

Why did we name with Many Brush? We are ambitious, hope to produce a lot of varieties of brushes, expect to become an authoritative manufacturer in the brush industry and to provide service to our customers constantly, and wish to solve and meet the brush demand that arises in society all the time.

We will be your most accessible supplier of Sweeper Brushes, Scrubber Brush, Strip Brush, Cylinder Brush, Curved Brush, Disk Brush, Spiral Brush, Block Brush, Wheel Brush, Weed Brush, Tube/Pipe Brush, End Brush, etc.

Once you need any of the brushes, drop your interest here, and let’s we start our cooperation and work together.

Every order is completed as a project. A new product illustration meeting must be held by the technical department before mass production, and every order-related staff must be trained too.

With the 7S training manual, we try our utmost to achieve:

  1. zero loss;
  2. zero defect;
  3. zero waste;
  4. zero malfunction;
  5. zero conversion time;
  6. zero accident;
  7. zero complaints;
  8. zero absence.


We’ll ship your orders in contracted quality & quantity at a punctual time.

Our sales team offers 7/24 service. Let’s work now.

factory full view
bristles punching machine
factory image

Meet the Team

At Manybrush, we are passionate about what we do, and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals. If you are looking for high-quality brushes, exceptional service, and competitive prices, look no further than Manybrush – your trusted partner for all your brushing needs.