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The spiral brush is named from its surface shape. In fact, the production procedure is, brush wire for cleaning is evenly placed on a flat galvanized iron which is then symmetrically and tightly folded, and then crimp and cut the folded galvanized iron according to the length and outer diameter of the inside shaft required by the customers

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Quality Spiral Brush for a Variety of Uses

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Our spiral brush serves several functions. Spring brush is mainly used in painting, steel (steel plate pretreatment, steel plate galvanization, steel plate color coating), glass cleaning and other industries, bleaching and dyeing printing, and dyeing industry  Applications range from food processing and conveyor cleaning to vacuum and car wash brushes.

These spiral brushes we produce are widely used in grinding, rust removal, powder removal, polishing, cleaning, degreasing, dust removal, etc. The spiral brushes made of metal wires are mainly used for surface grinding and rust removal of metal sheets and other products. In contrast, spiral brushes with synthetic fibers are primarily used in industrial cleaning, food decontamination, conveyor belt cleaning, polishing furniture wood, etc.

Best In Spiral Brushes Factory

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Our dedicated quality services department ensures that the supply chain operates in a quality-focused manner. Our quality team has over 30 years of combined expertise and hands-on experience in plastic and metal containers and has direct access to distributors around the world.


Customer-Spiral Brush Designs

At Manybrush, we go beyond rigid packaging. Our industrial design team has the product knowledge and the design sensibility to re-imagine how people deal with goods.
We encourage you to check out our gallery for some inspiration for the design of your spiral brush. However, if you already have specific requirements for your order, we also accept custom orders for our spiral brushes for sale. Drop us a line with all the details and we will do our best to produce the best spiral brush for your project!

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The Option of Brush Wire Material

The material of brush wire we can provide are: copper wire, steel wire, nylon, hog bristle, horsetail hair, abrasive wire.

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Copper Wires
sisal material
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Steel Wires

The Selection for the Metal Part of Spiral Brush

We can provide galvanized iron, aluminum alloy and stainless steel for the metal part of spiral brush.  But in order to control the use of cost, the vast majority of customers are choosing galvanized iron to fold and clamp the brush wire.

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We can provide galvanized iron, aluminum alloy and stainless steel for the metal part of spiral brush.  But in order to control the use of cost, the vast majority of customers are choosing galvanized iron to fold and clamp the brush wire.

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• Flexible handle for easy grip and maneuvering

• Heat-resistant bristles for added durability

• Non-slip handle for increased safety

• Ergonomic design for comfortable use

• Easy to clean and maintain

The color of synthetic fiber filaments so to speak that we can produce almost all colors, as long as the color masterbatch can be prepared. But in most cases, customers will choose black and white, or off-white.

If You Need the Shaft?

There are also customers who need us to provide shafts together, whether stainless steel shafts or fine steel shafts, we can buy them from our perennial cooperative suppliers.  But if the shaft is needed, under normal circumstances we will fix the brush by spot welding at both ends.

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Why Buy Brushes from Manybrush?

We use the finest quality brush wire to produce the highest grade brushes on the market. Our secret lies in our dedication to superior quality and customer service. Over the past 5 years, we sold tons of items worldwide.

Other benefits you can enjoy when you order from Manybrush are:

#1 High-quality and Good Sevices

Even with our high production rate, we can still guarantee the quality of our brushes. We are very careful in choosing the raw materials, which will then go through several processes to transform them into durable brushes.


#2 Free Samples

Manybrush offers Free Sample to give you the opportunity to test our products fully before ordering brushes in bulk. This is also our way of guaranteeing the quality of all our products. Ordering free samples can also help you in coming up with new ideas or designs that you may want to add to your market.


#3 Design and Labeling Services

If you need assistance with the design of your brushes, Manybrush is here to help! We have a team of design experts that will assist you in coming up with the best design for your product.

We can also help you with your brand’s labeling. We understand how important it is to stand out for your market to notice you. In addition to offering industry brushes for sale, Manybrush can also custom-print the logo of your company into the packaging of your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spiral Brush is a digital painting program that allows you to create professional-looking artwork quickly and easily. It has a range of tools, including brushes, layers, textures, and filters.

Yes, there is a free trial version available for download from the Spiral Brush website. exercitation.

A spiral brush is typically made of a plastic handle and nylon bristles.

The benefits of using a Spiral Brush include improved cleaning performance, reduced water and detergent usage, and better access to tight spaces. It also helps to reach into cracks and crevices, allowing for more thorough cleaning. Additionally, the spiral design helps to reduce the risk of damaging surfaces, and can even help to reduce the amount of scrubbing needed for tough messes.

Spiral Brush is available for both Windows and Mac.

Spiral Brush is available for a one-time purchase. It depends on the demand.

Spiral brushes are usually made of natural bristles, while spiral brushes are made of synthetic bristles. Spiral brushes are usually more flexible than regular brushes and can rub the teeth better.

To clean and maintain a Spiral Brush, you should first use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt or debris. Then, use a mild dish soap and warm water to wash the brush. Rinse off the soap and let the brush air dry. Once it is dry, comb the bristles to ensure they are free of tangles and debris.

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