Are you still using the car wash brush?

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With the development of social economy and technology, but also by the user car wash requirements, automatic car wash machine brush change upgrade, according to the brush upgrade time sequence, can be roughly divided into cloth brush, cotton brush, fiber brush, foam brush four, especially the foam. Let’s talk about whether you are still using the car wash foam brush.

What is a car wash foam brush

The brush of the car wash machine is an important component of the automatic car wash machine, is also the only direct contact with the paint surface of the car parts, the quality of the brush directly affects the quality of the car wash.

Car wash machine brushes are made of pure imported compound raw materials, car wash machine brushes single tensile strength, good toughness, its tensile strength remains unchanged under (-25℃~) temperature conditions, no hardening, aging and long service life. The bristles of the car wash machine are fixed on the rubber block, and the rubber bristle block is fixed on the steel pipe of φ80mm or φ100mm or φ120mm with 3 gong nails, and the flange connected with the reducer motor is welded at both ends of the steel pipe. The bristle block selects the diameter of the steel pipe and decides its length, the width is 170mm, the bristle rubber block fixed width is 170mm. there are more than 100 bristle positioning holes on the bristle rubber block with 10mm projection, each positioning hole is woven with about 18 multi-pronged bristles.

The length of the bristles is 350mm–550mm (can be processed according to the user’s needs). It is easy to replace the bristles, and the bristle section is multi-month structure, with water washing brush and strong scrubbing effect, not to hurt the vehicle surface paint film. Commonly used specifications are 900 * 185, the color has Luan red, green, dark blue, golden yellow many kinds of colors

Eva car brush features

Car wash machine brush bristles are made of EVA nano foam.

Material characteristics.

Water resistance: closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture resistant, good water resistance.

Processability:No joints, and easy to hot pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.

Shock resistance: high resilience and tension resistance, high toughness, good shock/buffer performance.

Corrosion resistance:Resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals.

The principle that car wash machine brushes do not hurt the car

Automatic computer car wash brush adopts the principle of current top brush, by setting the value of the analog amount to control the brush in cleaning the vehicle automatically sense the pressure of the brush on the body, when the brush pressure is greater than the set value of the analog amount will automatically control the rise to reduce the negative pressure to the rated amount, when the brush pressure is less than the rated value of the analog amount will automatically balance down, so with the analog amount of control technology, the brush in the imitation of the brush when washing The action is balanced and gentle without pressing the car and hurting it.

High-pressure water first pre-rinse the whole body, filtering large particles of sediment, brush then start, cleaning process due to the inertial centrifugal force of the rotation and the flow of water, sediment in its dual role was thrown out, simply can not adhere to the brush surface, and cleaning nozzle fixed to the brush continuous jet of clean water, brush every turn and get a thorough rinse, so as to achieve the effect of not hurting the car.

Problems with brushes on common car wash machines

  • Bristle embossing is not deep, if the car body mud and sand, more likely to scratch the car paint
  • Brush hair color easily old, easy to wear
  • The aluminum material of the aluminum tube is not produced with raw material, and it is easy to stretch the aluminum tube screw hole. The finish is not high and will not look classy
  • Brush sleeve, brush sleeve with bad raw materials, very easy to break, the bristles can not be fixed
  • Aluminum pipe flange, with iron easy to rust, the surface is also very no class. Directly with aluminum flange price quality are good

How to use car wash brushes

  • When using a car wash brush, keep it clean to avoid entrapping particles to damage the car surface
  • Choose the soft-bristles brush, soft not too hard

Although many people think that manual car wash is the best, but with the rapid development of the economy. Fully automatic car wash can better meet the needs of the vast majority of people. Please choose the right brush according to your hu needs


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