What is industrial brush?

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Many brush industry is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design and manufacture of various industrial brush rollers. After years of elaborate development and production, through the exploration and research of domestic and foreign equipment, combined with the actual situation of the factory, it can adapt to both the large-scale production of large customers and the realistic production of small customers. Its products can be divided into industrial brushes and household brushes, what is the industrial brush?

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Industrial brushes are new products upgraded and improved on the basis of civil brushes, mainly used for cleaning, dust removal and polishing in industrial production process. The main materials used include steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, nylon wire, plastic wire, abrasive wire, horsetail hair, pig bristle, sisal, etc. Here is a look at the uses of industrial brushes.

Textile industry

The products are sizing machine brush wheel, grinding machine brush, brushing machine brush, combing machine brush, brown brush, spinning machine brush, grinding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel. The brush roller is made of pig bristle or nylon, the roller shaft is made of 45# round steel, there are a lot of excess hair on the textile fabric, the purpose of the brush roller is to brush out these excess hair, there is an open fire under the brush roller to burn off these hair; the roller is made of 45# round steel, the brush hair is made of nylon and other materials, from the middle to both sides in a herringbone oblique way. Planting hair, brush rollers send cloth into the volume, the role of the herringbone oblique is to brush the cloth to both sides to make it straight; needle plate pressure side brush wheel, the middle of the injection body, bristles mostly pig bristles, the use is the edge of the cloth through the pressure of the bristles pressed to the machine needle plate up.

Ceramics industry

Glaze line brush, the middle of a strong sandalwood core, planted white or black plastic brush wire, used for tile and other ceramic products surface glazing operations.

Tanning and shoe industry

Leather and shoe polishing, waxing, oiling, generally with a small cloth wheel, horse hair, sisal and other brush wheel.

Glass industry

The products are cleaning machine brush roller, edge grinding machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA water-absorbing sponge roller. Glass cleaning machine brush roller, the roller shaft for 45 # round steel, bristles for nylon materials, such as the need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, must use the full stainless steel brush roller to prevent corrosion, generally use the strip brush mechanism into a strip brush and then spiral welding on the roller shaft; absorbent roller, made of high-density hydrophilic molecules of sponge, good water absorption, fast drying, used for the glass surface of the water droplets for comprehensive and rapid suction dry.

Papermaking, printing, cigarette industry

Pure nylon brush rolls are used to sweep the tobacco leaves into a thin layer and then flow to the production line for drying.

Wood, furniture industry

Products are polishing brushes, sanding machine brushes, sealing brushes, coloring machine brushes, wire drawing machine brushes. Made of antistatic nylon brush wire, it can dust the surface of wooden floor and furniture, etc. The brush wire cannot be electrostatic so that the dust can be effectively extracted from the brush by vacuum equipment.

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Electronics industry

The conductive brush wire made of strip brush, used to clean the integrated circuit board, electronic components and conduct away static electricity.

Environmental protection industry

The products are road sweeping round branch brush, square brush, brush roller, steel wire disc brush, nylon road sweeping brush disc, road sweeper brush, sewage treatment brush, floor washing machine brush, computer car wash machine brush. Rolling brush for floor washing machine, sanitation truck disc sweeping brush, made of high-strength plastic brush wire, used to clean the dirt on the ground, the strip brush on the sewage treatment equipment is used to isolate the solid objects in the sewage.

Food deep processing

Products are cut vegetable machine brush, meat peeler brush, mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair debris peeling machine brush, fruit washing machine brush, bean, garlic peeling machine brush, oil press machine brush. When fruits and vegetables are produced industrially, brush rolls of nylon are used to clean various fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops, requiring brush filaments to be resistant to pressure and elastic, but not to bruise fruits and vegetables. Food machinery brush material using domestic and imported two kinds of materials, brush production process for computer drilling implantation, bristles for anti-bacteria nylon 1010 temperature-resistant wear-resistant brush wire, brush wire does not return to bend, do not fall off, the roll body using stainless steel parts.


Doors and windows industry

Stainless steel strip brush, rubber strip brush, tin strip brush, installed in the moving doors and windows, revolving doors, smooth doors, automatic doors, elevators on the sealing strip brush used to block the dust, to prevent dust into the interior. Buses, subways, trains, elevators, etc. are equipped with corresponding strip brush supporting products. Stainless steel strip brush, horse hair strip brush, stainless steel wire strip brush, corrugated nylon wire strip brush, brick machine strip brush, nylon wire strip brush, etc. The strip brush is generally made of iron strip (or stainless steel strip) and iron wire (or stainless steel wire) for fixing bristles, which is widely used in all kinds of automatic doors, revolving doors, smooth doors, steel doors, and sweeping, cleaning, dustproofing and sealing of machines and equipment. Iron belt thickness specifications: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm, etc., stainless steel belt thickness specifications: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm, hair length and strip brush length processing as required, brush strip can be bent and other special treatment.


11, metal industry

Volcanic ash brush roll, steel plate pickling brush roll, shot blasting machine brush; paper packaging machinery brush, plate printing machinery brush, PVC plate brush, plastic plate brush, steel wire plate brush. Metal plate pickling brush: generally used for metal plate pretreatment, deep processing equipment supporting the main.

12, color steel plate, steel tile

Brush wheel injection molding, planted with high hardness nylon wire, used for the surface of the steel plate to remove rust and polish operations.

Hardware, building materials industry

The products are free burn brick machine plate brush, brick block brick machine brush, color tile machine brush, iron bar brush, pipe brush, abrasive wire brush, polishing brush, roller brush, wire brush roller, spring brush, etc.. Abrasive wire brush roll containing silicon carbide is used for deburring and sanding the surface of cast or inverted molded parts. Gold. Construction industry brush can be divided into: cold steel plate cleaning brush pickling line brush roll brush roll nylon brush roll steel wire brush roll industrial brush roll abrasive wire brush roll flocked brush roll non-woven brush roll burnishing machine brush roll galvanized line brush roll, etc.

In metallurgy

High temperature strip bail, hair surface disposal, surface clearing, oxide removal, plate polishing, etc.

In short, industrial brushes are commonly used in heavy industry, light industry, electronics, paper making, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, food processing, hardware and building materials and other industries.

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