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The production process of brush roll is complicated, high cost and long period. Looking after your quality industrial roller brush can make all the difference to your job so it’s important that you take the time to properly prepare and care for your tools. Let Manybrush share with you the precautions to take when cleaning brush.

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Precautions for cleaning

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  • Do not clean against the bristles.
  • After cleaning, use facial tissue or cotton pad to press gently with fingers to let the moisture out, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise it will destroy the bristles and also loosen the structure of the bristles, resulting in hair removal.
  • Finish cleaning, you need hang the brush roll up and let the bristles face down to dry.
  • To dry naturally, do not use hair dryer to dry, not to put under the sun to dry, otherwise it may hurt the brush material.

Notes on packaging and delivery

  • first of all, before leaving the factory must be cleaned, packaging brush roll, because in the process of planting and flat hair will produce a lot of broken hair, so in the packaging before the brush wire combing, and to clean up the broken hair.
  • in the transportation process from the manufacturer to the use of manufacturers, to prevent debris, dust on the brush silk dip, to use packaging boxes, bags and other packaging to prevent damage to the brush roller phenomenon.
  • before reaching the use of manufacturers must be careful not to directly brush wire exposed, placed on the ground or other polluted environment.
  • cleaning machine brush roller in the use of pressure must be appropriate, the pressure is too small cleaning time is long, not clean. Pressure is too large, will damage the product.
  • cleaning machine brush roller in the time of no use, the shaft is placed on top of wood and other pads to keep the brush wire upright, clean.
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In the overall economic environment is relatively general, a company choose the price is not high, good quality brush is very important, not only can reduce costs, but also greatly improve efficiency. Natong Manybrush Products is a manufacturer that will satisfy you. Welcome to visit us.


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