4 Things You Didn’t Know About Industrial Brush

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Brushes are one of the most commonly used industrial cleaning tools. They can be used for a variety of tasks, and they are an indispensable part of many industries. If you need to clean anything from steel surfaces to tile floors or lightly used water pipes, there is a brush out there just for you. Industrial brushes come in different shapes and sizes and serve multiple purposes, but they all have one thing in common: they get the job done! Here are five things about industrial brushes that maybe you didn’t know before:

What’s industrial brush

Industrial brushes are new products upgraded and improved on the basis of civil brushes, mainly used for cleaning, dust removal, polishing, etc. in industrialized production processes. The main material used is steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, nylon wire, plastic wire, abrasive wire, horsetail hair, pig bristle, sisal, etc.

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industrial brush

Industrial Brush Category

1, nylon brush roller: should be more widely used, mainly for industrial cleaning, fruits and vegetables and other industrial production before packaging cleaning, etc.;.

2, horse hair brush roller: based on the general brush roller replacement material, because of the abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance of horse hair, generally used to deal with leather, flooring, furniture, etc. appearance polishing, waxing, sealing glaze;.

3, steel wire wheel, steel wire roller: the primary use in stone grinding, marble granite and other goods appearance treatment, the primary effect is to polish and sanding, eliminate the stone appearance of high and low to make it flat, bright;.

4, pig bristle class brush wheel, brush roller: the primary special technology use requires high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high hardness, anti-wear work, such as the textile industry burnishing machine, dividing machine, dyeing and finishing plant used in the pressure side wheel, used to press the edge of the cloth into the needle plate.

industrial brush roller

Production process for industrial brush roller

Firstly, the steel shaft is cut into suitable size, turned out the blank on the machine tool, through welding, reinforcement, straighter, and then the prototype of the roller core is made by the lathe; then according to different requirements, the casing is made outside the prototype of the roller core or put into the mold for direct injection respectively, so that the basic shape of a brush roller body has been formed. The injection molded or cased roller body will be finely turned on the machine according to the drawing size, and the subsequent processing will be done according to the different process requirements, such as fine grinding of the rubber covered roller core, and different keyway or interface for the shaft head.
Drilling and flocking type brush rolls – use CNC punching equipment to punch holes for the finished brush rolls, the depth and density of the holes are set according to different requirements. The punched brush roll is put on the automatic CNC hair planting machine or semi-automatic horseshoe buckle type hair planting machine for hair planting operation; after the hair planting is finished, the hair is then cut by the roller type hair shearing machine, so that the brush wire on the surface of the brush roll is cut flat.
Spiral wrap-around brush roll–also called spring brush roll, firstly, use automatic strip brush equipment to produce strip brush (without interruption), then knot platform moving equipment, evenly wrap on the roller shaft, and use sub-pot welding at both ends to weld firmly. The brush roll made by the winding brush roll (spring brush roll) process solves the problem of high density and strong fastness. The last one is the packaging, first of all, the brush rolls are inspected, and those with leakage holes are returned to the workshop for reworking, and the tension of each bunch of bristles is tested, and all the testing indexes are qualified and then loaded into wooden boxes for delivery.


Application for industrial brush

Brushes are increasingly used by many automated equipment, the primary use is the industrial production process of sealing, cleaning, dust removal, polishing, transport, etc.

  • Brush rollers can also be used for cutting vegetables peeling class machinery, in some similar machinery can also be used more widely, such as can be used to clean a lot of fruit, some manufacturers will also buy brush rubber to clean vegetables, there are usually many manufacturers used to remove hair, remove debris machinery, also can not be separated from the brush rollers.
  • Brush rollers are usually used in peeling meat machinery, as well as some of the more common bean peeling machinery, in some oil pressing machinery is also very common, the food industry to use brushes can be a series of cleaning and other operations, customers can usually also be in accordance with their own needs for the appropriate adjustment of its standards.

industrial brush manufacturers are designed for high-volume use in small to large commercial and industrial buildings. The rubber or polyurethane bristles of these commercial-grade brush rollers are easy to clean. While some industrial brushes have metal cores, others have plastic cores that can be cleaned just like any residential roller.


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